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It's been years since the last time I played this, but it's still as beautiful as I remember<3

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aaaa I remember playing this years ago!!! Luca was still my favorite then and now <3 The story was very interesting to read and that one ending was just... brutal... (╹д╹;) Nonetheless, I enjoyed the game ( ´ ω ` )

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I enjoyed the escape ending and the Adrian ending the most of all! Followed by the menois a troi and Lucas ending.

I really like the art style especially the CGs, I can tell that despite you were in quite a rush (based on the provided info in the art booklet), you still put effort into your works especially the CGs.

I really enjoyed this game. Keep it up!

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Its beautifully made

I played this about a year ago and was so sad that i couldn't find it and then yay once again i meet this wonderful game!! Highly recommend its awesome~


Amazing game! Luca was definitely my favorite but I loved Adrian as well. I also loved how intense the bad endings were, it made me pick carefully the second and third plays.  


I really love this game, i recommand it ! it's a little bit too short, but really nice ^^


Thank you so much for making this game! It's really good, and the music is so cool. Especially "Danger Approaches", on my 


two words. LOVE IT! i got this years ago and decided to replay it and this time leave a comment. I cant wait for more romance from you guys.


Thank you for this game, I loved it! The dark twists really gave it an edge. 


To the people that want to play but can't get it to download, copy the url into a browser other than and it will allow you to get the zip file and install it that way. 


This game was pretty special, different from everything I have played before. I have to say it was nice. I have always been a fan of vampires and it is cool to play one VN with vampires as options for romance. 

If you'd like, I can draw your characters.

 I am good at drawing and well... don't be offended but the current ones just suck.


but still good luck my friend!! 😉


that heroine is so pretty pretty pretty pretty UGLY!!!!!!! And the  guys are just a bit handsome? I guess? Or maybe not.......because they are all pretty pretty pretty pretty UGLY!!!!!! But somehow this game was nice......just a little bit..😉  except the uglies that is......😒


i dig everything about this game! the only way it could be better is if mc could take charge more, but i get that that wasn't the goal here, and the good luca ending did make me happy. i wanna see more games like this!

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this game is amazing i love how did art and how was the story going  plus why did 

 Miranda  like why was she not scared of her life like there was vampire in front of 

her !! anyway how it was pretty good  and hope you good luck  in the near future 

from ilow 

p.s you are really are great thank you making the game :3

I was having issues downloading it but had success after clicking on the link word Nachtigal that's above the character description. Takes you to a different page with individual links for each OS. Hope this helps someone.

It seems like i unable to download this game even though i dont think it eat up much space in my storage. It just automatically back install  mode even though i click it thousand times.  Currently using Windows 10 btw..

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It is amusing to see Miranda adapts the opposite behaviour of her LIs, complementing  each vampires'  characters. Alteration between the dark sinister tone with lighter atmosphere in the mansion and the theme of the story itself are presented with great graphics and fluent choice of music. Thank so much for the galery book and keep up the good work ;)

I'm unable to download it. : (

Me too

is there a walkthrough? :)


O I love the art, the story, and the plot....10/10! Great Job!

Yes The game is not allowing us to download it. It seems like Im not the only user experiencing this. VERY disappoitning becuase I was excited to try the game out :(

I can't get it to install for some reason. :(

same to me i cannot download it too


I played this ages ago, but I am commenting now. This was really fun to play. Both of the guys were fun/interesting to deal with. The "bad" endings did freak me out a bit, but then again, who isn't? Is there going to be some sort of sequel to this? Not like a direct sequel, but kind of, with a new MC but in the same universe?

That was actually really fun to play! I don't know the difference in my steps between Pet and 3 endings, but I actually had a lot of fun! Adrian's ending was surprising, but Luca gave me the common quiet/distant guy in an otome feel, but that's why I go for those characters first. Also, screw you and the Egbert scene! I'm a raging Arachnophobe and I freaked out just thinking about it. <3

LOVE this game so very much! If only it could be longer! (drool~)


I really enjoyed this game, the endings were sometimes romantic, and sometimes surprising!


Love this game will there be a sequel related to supernatural beings I would love to see one with more than just vampires. maybe werewolves and witches?

A some sort of sequel/follow-up will be nice, wouldn't it?


I love this game so much thank you for making it