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is there a walkthrough? :)

O I love the art, the story, and the plot....10/10! Great Job!

Yes The game is not allowing us to download it. It seems like Im not the only user experiencing this. VERY disappoitning becuase I was excited to try the game out :(

I can't get it to install for some reason. :(

same to me i cannot download it too

I played this ages ago, but I am commenting now. This was really fun to play. Both of the guys were fun/interesting to deal with. The "bad" endings did freak me out a bit, but then again, who isn't? Is there going to be some sort of sequel to this? Not like a direct sequel, but kind of, with a new MC but in the same universe?

That was actually really fun to play! I don't know the difference in my steps between Pet and 3 endings, but I actually had a lot of fun! Adrian's ending was surprising, but Luca gave me the common quiet/distant guy in an otome feel, but that's why I go for those characters first. Also, screw you and the Egbert scene! I'm a raging Arachnophobe and I freaked out just thinking about it. <3

LOVE this game so very much! If only it could be longer! (drool~)

I really enjoyed this game, the endings were sometimes romantic, and sometimes surprising!

Love this game will there be a sequel related to supernatural beings I would love to see one with more than just vampires. maybe werewolves and witches?

A some sort of sequel/follow-up will be nice, wouldn't it?

I love this game so much thank you for making it